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Swing Shade
Swing Shade
Swing Shade
Swing Shade

Swing Shade

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Swingshade patent pending design allows the shade to be set as various heights. This will accommodate golfers of all sizes. The shade can rotate and slide 360 degrees to block the harmful rays of the sun.  This allows the golfer to remain in the shade no matter where the sun is in the sky.

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  • Protect golfers on the range from harmful rays of the sun while lowering the "feel temperature"
  • Swingshade Golf is the first ever personal shading device for the golfer to use on the practice range.
  • Blocks the cancer causing rays of the sun
  • Lowers the real feel temperature by as much as 30 degrees
  • Can be used with ANY golf bag
  • Adjust ability provides sun protection in all directions

*Includes carry bag