Make Practice Time Cooler, Safer & Longer


What is Swingshade Golf?

- Swingshade Golf is the first ever personal shading device for the golfer to use on the golf and chipping range.

Can any size golfer use Swingshade Golf?

- Yes any size golfer can use Swingshade Golf.  Swingshade Golf was designed to adjust in height so any size golfer can use it, with any club.

Can Swingshade block the sun in all directions?

- Yes Swingshade Golf was designed to block the sun in any direction. The shade can rotate and slide 360 degrees to block the harmful rays of the sun.  This allows the golfer to remain in the shade no matter where the sun is in the sky.

Can Swingshade Golf withstand high winds?

- Swingshade Golf has been tested and proven to withstand winds up to 25 mph

How long does it take to set up Swingshade?

- Swingshade Golf can be assembled/dissembled and stored quickly and easily.  The aluminum poles are used to ensure its extremely light weight. Swingshade can be set up in just a quick minute.

What some other features of Swingshade Golf?

- Swingshade Golf was designed to hold your cell phone which allows you to video tape your swing. It also has the ability to hold you water bottle and/or drink.

Can I use Swingshade Golf while playing a round of golf?

- No, Swingshade golf was designed to be used on the range to block the harmful rays of the sun and lower the relative feel temperature.